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This article reveals one of the brightest stars of SMP PL 1 Klaten, Tasya. She is in grade 9 and considered as a shining diamond at the school. Her achievement is skyrocketing that it has lifted her name into the sky. Lately she has won some prestigious competitions of English story telling.

She started joining the English competition when she was in grade one. At that time she did not win anything at all, but she was not discouraged. As a matter of fact, she became more willing to improve her English as she always agrees that her failure is a catalyst to work much harder. Not only at school does she intensively practice her English, she also has a lot of extra work at home. For some people it looks difficult, however she always takes it easy. She does not have burden in doing all since she really loves what she does. While at school she has opportunity to sharpen her English skills through multi-productive activities in and outside classes, at home she has chances to communicate in English with her mother who provides priceless support to her development.

Eventually her hard work was paid off. In later competitions, she proved every body that she has what it takes to be a champion. Beside all her everyday English practice, she always makes meticulous preparation ahead of the story telling contests. Guided by her English teachers, she organizes her rehearsals well. She consults with the teachers everything, her costumes, music, properties, and most importantly her language to avoid errors. Thanks to passionate and understanding English teachers, Ms. Lia, Mrs. Yo, and Mr. Jinda, their contribution is second to none.

Here is a series of Tasya’s achievement in English events;

1. Story Telling Contest in Junior High School Festival of Art, Klaten Regency, April 10 2014

She brought on the stage a folktale, Roro Jonggrang that delivered her to be the first winner. She was on the top of 33 other participants from various private and state junior high schools in Klaten. With this, she was entitled to represent the city to join the later yet bigger contest in Central Java Province.

2. Story Telling Contest in Junior High School Festival of Art,  Central Java Province, April 15 2014

38 contestants were selected to join this event having won the previous competitions in each regency. Out of all participants, she came up winning the third trophy.

3. English Speech Contest, June 18 2014

The speech contest with a topic, Pancasila as Our Nation Character Builder was participated by 29 representatives from junior high schools in Klaten. Here she was nominated as the first winner.

Tasya is a cheerful and ordinary girl who is able to turn herself into an extraordinary and inspiring individual.  SMP PL Klaten, a religious institution, her family and environment have shaped her into a student with spiritual, cognitive, social emotional and kinesthetic intelligence.  It is committed to create English speaking atmosphere by endorsing its students to confidently speak in English not only in English classes but also outside.  Hence, it collaborates with ILP Pangudi Luhur to achieve its goals.


Reported by Dwi Arif

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